Who are we?

Welcome to Free the Nipple Brighton!

Every summer Free The Nipple has taken to Brighton seafront for a demonstration like no other. Fiercely inclusive and intersectionally feminist to our core, we are a volunteer-run protest collective here to destabilise the dictatorship of the male gaze.

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To reclaim ownership of our bodies and our voices.

To protest in the face of intersectional oppression in our society.

To defiantly love our bodies, in all their beautiful variety.

To acknowledge the control of the gender binary and the male gaze.

To empower parents who choose to breastfeed infants in public to do so without fear of ridicule or shame.

To remind ourselves that we are not defined by how we measure up to damaging, Euro-centric beauty standards.

To challenge patriarchy in all its forms.

This is not just about nipples…

This is about solidarity, liberty, and radical, unashamed self acceptance.

The Free the Nipple Gallery

Head here to see photographs from our events. Please be respectful to the people who are in these photos and do not download them, redistribute them or use them for any inappropriate purposes.

Please keep in touch with us…

You’ll find all links for our social media at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to also visit our artwork page or give us some feedback.