Welcome to Free the Nipple Brighton 2018

On Saturday the 7th of July 2018, Free The Nipple will take to Brighton seafront.


To reclaim ownership of our bodies and our voices.

To protest in the face of oppressive double standards in our society.

To defiantly love our bodies, in all their beautiful variety.

To empower mothers to choose to feed infants in public without fear of ridicule or shame.

To remind ourselves that we are not defined by how we measure up to unrealistic beauty standards.

This is not just about nipples. This is about solidarity, liberty, and radical, unashamed self love.

The event will proceed as follows:

Meet at 2pm – at Old Steine Gardens
Set off on the march at 3pm along the seafront
Rally at 3.45pm at Pop-Up Brighton by the i360
Traumfrau After Party at 8.30pm – at Rialto Theatre

Join the movement today.