Here is some of the beautiful artwork created for the Free The Nipple Brighton march:

FLYER for the Free the nipple 2018 march

“I wanted to get involved with Free the Nipple this year because I’m really passionate about honest and diverse representations of women, and wanted to reflect this in the artwork for this year’s march. It feels like the conversation around inclusivity in feminism has really heightened over the past year or so, so I felt that it was important to have a visual representation of lots of different bodies and identities to really reiterate the significance of intersectionality within feminism and a commitment to including trans*, BAME, disabled and queer communities. ” – @hardfemme_riot

by Abbie Gadsden


Free The Nipple Lioness
by Bee Nicholls

Free The Nipple Boobies

by Claudie Whitaker

by Lazy Obit

Free The Nip Brighton

by Bee Nicholls

by Rosie Nicholls

Want to add your artwork? Get in touch and let us know.


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